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Darégal broths, picks and prepares all their aromatic herbs which will enhance your cooking and highlight your culinary talents. Quickly washed and sliced our culinary herbs are quickly frozen after being picked.

This speedy recovery process ensures that our herbs retain the same taste value as the plant by setting essential oil at the heart of the plant. Sterns are removed and the lack of wilt and ageing ensures no waste.


We love it!

With more than a century of experience in the aromatic herbs culture, Darégal selected a variety of plants, naturally rich in essential oils and olfactory close from our grannys’ infusions.

Unique on the market, our range of Infusions is 100% natural and comes in 3 flavours:

  • Peppermint: an incredible taste, at the same time peppered and refreshing.
  • Lemon thyme: leaves have an exceptionnal taste.
  • Thai Basil: a powerful taste with peppered liquorice flavour.


And that’s not all!

The excellence of these infusions also lie in the delicacy of the treatment plants. Immersed in boiled water, they reveal their natural scents and all their authenticity and taste intensities.

  • Spearmint is an aromatic plant perrenial and wild. It comes from Middle-East but is now cultivated all over the world. This specific flavour is often used for confectionery.
  • Thyme comes from the Mediterranean region. There are more than one hundred different Thyme varieties. One of the most delicious is the Lemon Thyme, which has tiny leaves and provides many health benefits.
  • Originating from Asia, Thai Basil is different from Basil not only in taste but also in its smaller size and its purple colour.

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