< The origins of a passion

In 1887, Amand Darbonne settles in Milly-la-Forêt, reputed since the 12th century for the cultivation of its medicinal plants. A farmer at heart but also a pioneer and a visionary, he laid the foundations of a human, agricultural and industrial adventure.

The passion for aromatic plants has passed on from generation to generation. After Amand, André, Marc, followed by Luc and currently Charles, confirm the family’s energy and drive to excel, combined with a sense of human spirit and innovation. The company expands its creations taste, dares to take in new aromatic challenges, invests in cutting-edge technologies, and creates partnerships with its clients.

Always ready to respond to new needs and trends, Darégal show an exceptional ability to combine agricultural know-how, industrial developments and customer care.

Key dates

1887: Creation of the Darbonne establishments

1889: Development of the first free air industrial dryer for medicinal and infusion plants

1920: Creation of the professional association of medicinal plants in France

1954: Construction of the first dehydration oven

1976: Creation of the first IQF frozen aromatic herbs

1992: Opening of a production plant in Turlock, California (USA): Supherb Farms

2001: Acquisition of Gyma and its frozen herbs business

2005: Creation of “liquid herbs” for fresh cheeses

2009: Opening of a production plant in Santaella, Spain: Darégal Iberica

2011: Development of “infused oiles” with aromatic herbs

2013: Launch of frozen infusions

2014: Launch of COOL’EAZE culinary herbs coulis and ONE DOZE

2015: Launch of frozen Broths, Culinary Herbs Infused in Milkfat

2016: Construction of a new production workshop for infused oils

2019: Acquisition of the olive oil, vinegar and nut oil expert, A l’Olivier