The Crayonnés Festifs

  • September 2018

APPETISER: The Heart of the Dish!

This innovation results from a fruitful encounter between a three-starred Chef, Christian Le Squer, and Darégal, the world leader in culinary herbs.

Launched in the restaurant industry in 2014, this range has already become a key tool in chefs’ dishes.

The Crayon de Coulis line is composed of eight colourful and delicious recipes inspired by the richness and power of tastes found in nature.

Fine aesthetics and fine cuisine form a winning combination in these aromatic herb coulis for dressing holiday dishes.



In a squeezy bottle with a precision tip, it’s easy to use herb Crayons de Coulis. They give free rein to your culinary and even artistic creativity: flavoursome arabesques, gourmet dotted lines, gentle zigzags, explosive swirls and other details that will add an exquisite touch to your dishes and impress your guests.

Made up of six colourful, delicious recipes:

– The Basil Coulis
– The Beetroot and Ginger Coulis
– The Chilli Coulis
– The Pumpkin and Sage Coulis
– The Mango and Ginger Coulis
– The Basil and Raspberry Crayon de Coulis

The Crayons de Coulis line draws its inspiration from the richness and power of tastes found in nature.


With Crayonnés Festifs, you can be a kid again, so go ahead and colour in your plates with your children.

Check out our finest Crayonnés Festifs now and let your creativity run free to amaze your guests!



The Crayonné Festif Nb. 51


the Crayonné Festif Nb. 25


The Crayonné Festif Nb. 92


The Crayonné Festif Nb. 63


The Crayonné Festif Nb. 71


The Crayonné Festif Nb. 31


The Crayonné Festif Nb. 81


The Crayonné Festif Nb. 84


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