The CEO message

  • June 2018

Dear clients, dear partners,

For several years now, Darégal has demonstrated the extent of its 100% Natural flavours with the Taste Pépinière by Darégal, a total immersion into the visual, olfactory and gustatory wealth of our culinary herbs in Milly-la-Forêt.

The Darégal Taste Pépinière 2018 is now open!

In total, 45 varieties are present in the Taste Pépinière 2018 by Darégal. Here you’ll discover Spanish Lavender with its fragrant notes which will enliven your desserts and delicious Black Sage with its fruity Cassis notes and edible flowers which will perfectly accompany all your dishes!

As well as the Darégal Taste Pépinière 2018, you’re invited to discover our brand new Exotic Pépinière, a space dedicated to our varieties from Across the World. Amongst others, you’ll find Combawa with its intense notes which sublimate dishes and sauces, Curcuma which is a must-have ingredient in Indian and Asian cuisine as well as Galangal with its lightly spicy notes. Come and discover all these new varieties which are sure to inspire you!

Visual, olfactory and gustatory, our large palette of unique flavours is sure to meet your expectations for innovation. Come and discover the full range and join us in creating unique blends which can be incorporated into your future recipes.

I am convinced that our innovative dynamic will inspire you and assist you in the development of all your future projects so don’t wait any longer and book your visit today!

Aromatically yours,

Charles Darbonne