France Terroir Origin : Agricultural Excellence

  • May 2018

With more than 130 years of unique savoir-faire, Darégal is today the world leader in the cultivation and integrated processing of culinary herbs. Over the years and generations, the company has forged a privileged partnership with 83 farmers who are passionate about their jobs and eager to contribute their know-how in order to cultivate high quality products.

Darégal has selected the best terroirs in France for a 100% AUTHENTIC range.

Brittany, with its mild, temperate climate and draining soil, is ideal for growing flat Parsley, Chives and Shallots.

The South-West of France for its warm climate, suitable rainfall and clay-limestone soils is ideal for growing Garlic.

These regions renowned for their savoir-faire which has been passed down from generation to generation, are perfectly adapted to the complex and delicate cultivation of culinary herbs.

The specific combination of soil and climate makes regions such as Brittany and the South-West, an optimal soil for the cultivation of culinary herbs with an exceptional flavour profile.


Discover the range of Terroirs products:


Pink Onions from Brittany: Harvested at the end of the summer, these Pink Onions reveal all their delicate notes. Their light pink flesh and sweet fruity notes will revive all your recipes.

Flat Parsley from Brittany: Harvested at optimal maturity and finely chopped, this Parsley will awaken your taste buds with its intensely fresh green notes.

Shallots from Brittany: Harvested in summer, these Shallots will sublimate your dishes thanks to their sweet and subtle notes.

Chives from Brittany: These Chives with their delicately crunchy tubes and fresh green notes, will revive all your recipes.


The Terroir range is available in a 250g resealable bag.


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