Darégal’s 2016 Plant Nursery will boost your innovations

  • September 2016

Following current trends and consumers’ expectations, Darégal constantly seeks new varieties of exceptional culinary herbs.

Darégal’s 2016 Plant Nursery is coming back to Milly-la-Forêt, birth place of culinary herbs, for the third year running.

A journey amongst the visual, olfactory and gustatory wealth of our culinary herbs, this agricultural trial platform is yet another example of the expansion of our flavours, 100% Natural.

Our dedicated culinary herb expert panel, our very own “Herbs Sommeliers”, will assist you in the search for new emotions.
You will be able to test our new products “live” in our Testing Kitchen.

Prepare to be blown away and to delight your taste buds: no less than 45 varieties will shape up the 2016 Plant Nursery by Darégal.

Look, fragrance and flavour, our wide range of new tastes has got it all to meet our customers’ innovative expectations.

In a beautiful setting in the middle of this enchanting garden, our « Chez La Serre » meeting room is available for you to share and create with our culinary experts.


Be the first to discover a few varieties to arrive in our Darégal’s 2016 Plant Nursery:
– Bergamot Monarde
– Mexican Tarragon
– Violet
– Chamomile
– Vietnamese Lemon Balm
– Mexican Pepper
– Allium scorodoprasum
– Mizuna

Meet Innovation first hand!
You won’t believe what’s involved so calendars at the ready!