Coriander : the little culinary herb that keeps on growing…

  • June 2018

Following in the footsteps of the Mint Collection, the Basil Collection and the Chilli Collection, Darégal is pleased to present its 2018 newbie: the Coriander Collection!


Inspired by world cuisine, Darégal uses all of its savoir-faire to to reveal an array of new “exotic” flavours. For this latest collection from Across the Globe, Coriander is the guest of honour.

Coriander is becoming more and more popular. Our sales have tripled in 10 years. Inspired by Mexican and Asian cuisines (or culinary cultures), consumers are on the hunt for authentic Corianders in order to recreate the real flavour of local recipes. With this in mind, Darégal developed its latest collection with the 4 most renowned Coriander varieties in the world.


Over the past 3 years, the Darégal Herb Sommeliers gathered, tested, studied and tasted 34 varieties of Coriander in order to retain the very best 4 varieties with the most intense flavours and citrus freshness:


European Coriander Leaves: Also knows as Chinese Parsley, this is one of the most ancient harvested culinary herbs in the world and has been cited in Sanskrits texts from 7000 years ago. Its intense flavours can be perfectly paired with ginger, chilli, garlic or with coconut, tomato and cumin.


European Coriander Flowers: The flavours of this variety of Coriander vary with the time of harvesting. When left to grow an extra 2 or 3 weeks, warm and woody notes develop which distinguish this variety from the European Coriander Leaves. European Coriander Flowers are delicious with fish, chives, garlic, lime and cinnamon.


Mexican Coriander: Also referred to as Long Coriander or Chinese Coriander, this variety is harvested in Central America and in the South-East of Asia where it is primarily used to mask the strong flavours of beef. Mexican Coriander will enliven noodle dishes, soups and spring rolls as well as curries and salads.


Vietnamese Coriander: This variety is also called RAU RAM which means “mint herb” in Vietnamese. This perennial plant is a warm, moist and rich swamp edge plant. Vietnamese Coriander is ideal in noodle soups, spring rolls, pork dishes or marinated chicken or in association with seafood.


Find all our varieties of Coriander in our different applications such as the Vraiment Oriental Savour’Eaze (culinary solution), our Chimichurri, Mexican and Copacabana Squeezes and the Cubana Sun Pesto (sauces), the Oriental Marinade or the Coriander Flavour’Eaze (infused oil).

With fresh green notes of lemon, grapefruit or cucumber, this new 2018 collection promises to transport you across the continents!


Rendez-vous in October to discover the Coriander Collection by Darégal.