Milky foie gras with a zigzag of Jalapeño pepper coulis

  • November 2018

Ingredients – 4 servings


  • Pour a thin layer of this mixture
  • Cut the foie gras lobe in half and devein.
  • Bring the Banyuls wine to the boil with the zest of half an orange and the cocoa grounds, and then flambé.
  • Submerge the foie gras in the Banyuls wine mixture. Cover with cling film and stand for 10 minutes.
  • Place the foie gras in a food ring and weigh down for three hours.
  • Mix together the coconut milk and cream, then add the sugar and cocoa. Season with Espelette pepper, salt and citric acid and then bind with the gelatine.
  • Pour a thin layer of this mixture onto each portion of foie gras and leave to rest.


  • Place a slice of foie gras in two halves on the plate.
    Decorate with a slalom of Chilli coulis, and punctuate with a few drops of Pumpkin and Sage coulis.



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