Fillet steak enrobed in mozzarella, cep shavings and apostrophes of coulis

  • October 2017

A tasty mozzarella coat for your beef tournedos!

Ingredients – 4 servings


  1. Cut half of the ceps into big pieces, briefly sauté them in a little butter, then sprinkle over the shallots and parsley.
    Set aside.
  2. Cut the mozzarella into quarters and remove the inside for another dish.
    In a bowl, soak the mozzarella quarters so they become more flexible.
  3. Pan-fry the fillets and let them rest.
  4. Wrap each fillet in mozzarella without covering the top.
  5. When plating up, use a mandoline to make the cep shavings.


  1. Make a base with a tablespoonful of roasted ceps.
    Place the mozzarella-wrapped fillet on top, pour some basil coulis in the centre and decorate with the cep shavings.
  2. Draw some apostrophes of yellow pepper and lemon thyme coulis around the edge of the plate.

Bon appétit !